Das Haus am Walde

Iodine-Saline Spa

Large pool in the indoor and outdoor, filled with the healing waters of the Iodine-Saline Spa (water temperature 32 C in all pools and 3% salt content), invite you to swim year-round. Bad Bevensen's spa pools are characterized by their uplifting, health-oriented, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. In the Iodine-Saline Spa guests plunge into the relaxing and invigorating, bubbling warmth of the thermal baths, and swim or flow with the streaming current of the endless pool.


The Balneum - an oasis of the - completes the offer of the Iodine-Saline Spa. Plunge in the bubbling warmth of a thermal-iodine salt source, it brings new energy and health well-being, or relax in the sauna (Balneum) in the iodine brine pool


Das Haus am Walde
Ingo und Marion Mohr
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